3CX Hosted / Cloud PBX

3CX Hosted PBX solutions refer to a service that is used that is not on a server at the office, but instead, on a server (or group of servers) at a site with very high bandwidth capacity. This is typically at an Internet Service Provider.3CX hosted PBX solutions

3CX Hosted PBX Solutions

These hosted PBX services are

  • generally accessible from anywhere
  • do not suffer from:
    • connectivity failures
    • power failures or
    • server failures.

Mezobyte owns 4 servers hosted in the cloud. Two of these servers are hosted in South Africa, Johannesburg. The other two servers are hosted in the USA, one in Denver, Colorado and one in Chicago, Illinois.

Mezobyte regularly run tests on our cloud servers and the latest test results shows our connectivity speed. These results are available on request. For more information on these tests or on our products and services, please feel free to contact us.